Monday, February 2, 2009

New Tarot, Conflux, and book covers

It's been quite awhile since I've posted any illustrations to my site or blog. This was partly because I was so wrapped up in the gallery show and also partly because some of these were under NDA, but in any case, here's a handful of pieces you probably haven't seen yet:

Jhessian Balmgiver, oils, 11x15 (Wizards of the Coast)

Aven Squire, oils, 11x15 (Wizards of the Coast)

Constricting Tendrils, oils, 9x12 (Wizards of the Coast)

Celestial Purge, oils, 11x15 (Wizards of the Coast)

Ace of Pentacles, oils, 10x15 (Imaginistix/Heavy Metal)

Page of Cups, oils, 12x18 (Imaginistix/Heavy Metal)

Blood and Steel, oils, 16x24 (Pyr Books)

Lescari, oils, 12x18 (Solaris Books)


Carlos Ranna said...

Those are great!

Ben Newman said...

damn! i feel pleased if i manage to get a couple of images up a month, and you've put up a ton of great work in a few days! excellent as always.