Monday, June 1, 2009

This is overdue...

It's been awhile since I've had a real illustration post, I have to stop letting them pile up like this! Unfortunately I still have pending NDAs and that sort of thing, but here's a batch of work that I can share :)

The Scavenger, for Heavy Metal, 16x22, oil on illo board

Skaar 13, for Marvel Comics, 11x17, oil on illo board

Holmes and Watson, for Nightshade Books, 15x21, oil on illo board

By Blood We Live, for Night Shade Books, 16.5x23, oil on illo board

Shield of Reverence, for Wizards of the Coast, 9x12, oil on illo board

Knight of new Alara (promo variant), for Wizards of the Coast, 12x16.5, oil on illo board

Messenger Falcons, for Wizards of the Coast, 8x11, oil on illo board


Unknown said...

Whoa dude! Excellent work you've been doing latley. I like everything, but that Heavy Metal cover pulls out all the stops. We already talked about my special spot for Heavy Metal so I am super pumped you busted out this cover..which is perfect for Heavy Metal!

I really like the Marvel cover too - makes me want to see you tackle some more sci-fi-ish work as you would rock it.

Carlos Ranna said...

So, you are a vampire... I always knew those skills couldn´t be just hard work....

Great body of work, Dave! Congrats!

Eric Braddock said...

I know I mentioned this on, but still, god DAMN, man... SO good, what an amazing bunch of new work you have here.... so incredible!

Unknown said...

i came to check out your site after seeing your very nice work on the heavy metal cover; it has a nice raw edge to it, atypical of our usual diet of warrior babes, who mostly fall into a certain gigundo-titted, ravishing and boring template. Really lovely. Keep on keepin' on ^_^


Unknown said...

PS Thank you for making Dr. Watson look like a normal, intelligent person and not like a doddering old fool ^_^

Here's a web comic on the subject
(oops, Kate Beaton's temp site...)