Monday, April 5, 2010

"Stephie #7" DVD trailer is up :D

I've hinted around about my DVD for awhile now, but it's nearly finished and I'm finally able to show a peek ;)

for more info on this or on the new hardcover Quickie book also coming out next month, go to


Gregory Becker said...

This looks great. I commented on youtube and someone must've thought I was being a trouble maker and commented back saying, "RESPECT DAVE!" So, I thought I would check in here. I really just wanted to know how much the dvd was. I got the answer from your website.
I will be purchasing it.

David Palumbo said...

ha, just saw that, but I didn't think the two were related (and Youtube quadruple posted it too, so something glitchy is going on). Anyway, the DVD is 35, or 50 if you order it with the new book (there's a separate order button for the combo)

All the info is on my new web store:

Thanks :)

Tiffany prothero said...

Awesome Dave! Thank for posting the sneak peek of your DVD!! :D!!

Anonymous said...
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Boldheadstudio said...

can´t wait for that on to be released.Great work Dave, definitely gonna buy it :)
love your paintings buy the way..


Don de Castro said...

I just got your dvd and I am enjoying watching your technique and insight. Thanks!