Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Duel

Here's a recent piece for a C.T. Adams story on Tor.com that just went live. Fun to sling some magic around, it feels like ages since I've painted anything glowy ;)

oil, 13x26

If you'd like to read the story that this piece is supporting, you can find it here


PLUS! Anyone heading out to comic con (in just two short weeks!), I'll be out again this year and sharing a booth with Daren Bader at booth #4813. I'll have the new books, some new surprises, painting DVDs, drawings, paintings (including the one above), and whatever else I can cram into the FedEx truck in the next few days. Stop on by :D


rick said...


ces said...

Don't forget to cram FUN into that Fed-Ex truck!

Wonderful painting.

David Palumbo said...

haha, no, fun will be waiting for me when I get there. Right? Right??

ces said...

Fun will be waiting for you when you get there as long as you like 18 million people!