Tuesday, July 27, 2010

FOUND: book of convention sketches - SDCC

Hey, I'm currently in possession of a book of con sketches found in my booth (4813: David Palumbo/Daren Bader) during tear-down at San Diego Comic Con. Nobody near by seemed to know who it belonged too, but it looks like a pretty serious book and I'm sure the owner is missing it. The name inside is "Doc Anthony" with a phone number no longer in service. Looks like the book dates back to '99. If you are the owner or know anyone who lost a book like this, email me at dave (at) dvpalumbo.com and we can hopefully get it returned. There will be follow-up questions to confirm the identity of the rightful owner.

Just putting the word out, please feel free to forward.


ces said...

Oh gosh, if it was my book I'd be frantic! Does the SDCC site have a "lost & found" you could also post your message in?

ces said...
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David Palumbo said...

I'm trying to report it to them, but their office is closed until next week. We'll see :/