Monday, September 19, 2011


Here are some images from the newest Magic release:

14x19, oil on illustration board

11x15, oil on illustration board

11x15, oil on illustration board

11x15, oil on illustration board


Madeline Carol Matz said...

Beautiful, beautiful stuff! I love the angles and the glows!

Chris said...

They all look great :)
It must be so cool to have the original art for Magic cards :P

João Amaral said...

...Anda a group of very powerful images! Nice work!

Justin Owens said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing! The first one is my favorite, reminds me of my love for Waterhouse.

I've been wanting to ask you about your use of illustration board. Do you have issues of trying to keep the boards flat in shape? Whenever I've shopped for it in the past, I've found it difficult to find boards that didn't have a bend to them.

I've seen how much you use illustration board in your work and was curious if this has come up for you, and if so, how you've dealt with it?

Any plans for releasing another art book? I never tire of looking through Quickie.

David Palumbo said...

thanks guys!

Justin - not sure how much of a bend your talking about in the store, but yes, it is paper and will warp with moisture. If a board is creased or dented, it's not much good to me, but bowed and warped pieces are normal. For most paintings I just tape them along all sides to a piece of foam core and that flattens them out. I might tape them to the wall when photographing if the warping is bad. Because it's flexible, they also flatten easily when framing. Smaller pieces (the ones I use for my postcard nudes for example) I don't bother mounting or backing because the warp is too slight to bother me at that scale.

And yeah, another art book will be coming along hopefully next year, though I'm still kind of figuring out the details :)

LostJedi said...

The drowning women is great, reminded me also of the floating Waterhouse Ophelia - did that inspire you?

(I also love the Mausoleum guard.)

David Palumbo said...

Actually, it was the Millias Ophelia that I was thinking of. When you're asked to paint a woman drowned in a lake, how can you not think of those paintings ;)