Saturday, March 29, 2014

Aliens mural

24"x48" oil on panel, Dark Horse comics
This was a tremendously fun challenge which just made its debut at Emerald City Comic Con! It had to function both as an 8' by 20' mural for the Dark Horse booth at upcoming comic shows and also other promotional/print purposes with alternate croppings. I think that I can honestly say this was one of the most complex arrangements that I've ever created and was a joy to see it come together. Looking forward to seeing it fully enlarged at a future con this year!


Ben Newman said...

that's really nice

Ada Chiu said...

Love the ominous atmosphere you portrayed in the oil painting.

Kari Christensen said...

Amazing piece! That's a lot to tackle but you still have a strong focus.

Kurt Aspland said...

David, any chance you could post your step by step process that you went through, Drawings, Reference photo, preliminary stuff?

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