Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Four of Swords sketch phase

So I'm currently involved in a somewhat long term project. Over the next three years, I'll be contributing 19 paintings for a Tarot set. It's a collaborative set between my parents and brother and myself, each taking as close to a quarter of the 78 cards as possible. Roughly, it'll be moving at a rate of one Tarot piece every two months worked in with my regular jobs. In the mean time, Heavy Metal is going to be running a few pieces each issue as they come along. The first piece that I did, The Queen of Swords, should be in the November issue I think (the bottom most painting in my post: Taking this First Step). Right now I'm working up my second contribution, the Four of Swords. The meaning of the card, more or less, is "rest after conflict, pause, reflection, gathering of strength, recovery". So here are a some of my thumbnails and the final sketch which I'll be working off of once I begin the painting.


RichD said...

Thanks for the insight into the creation of this new piece. BTW- I did not know about the family project and can't wait to see more. This will be a must have for sure.

Unloved said...

This sounds really great. Especially because it's such a family affair. More. more. I want more.

'it's been a while old man'