Sunday, November 4, 2007

New cover for Nightshade Books, new drawing

I just got home from the World Fantsy Convention in Saratoga, NY today and it was probably the most relaxing convention that I've ever been to. The whole thing had a very sleepy atmosphere. Moebius was the guest of honor and I was able to meet him (nicest guy you could imagine) and get a little sketch in my moleskine which was crazy exciting for me!

We spent most of Saturday just hanging out in the art show room and drawing. It was nice to just chill like that and fool about with the other artists (my folks, my brother Tony, Charles Vess, Donato, John Picacio, and some others). I ended up doing some physical pen and ink (as oppose to digi) for the first time in maybe a year or two:

Asside from that it was mostly the typical activities, being lots of hanging out, drinking at the bar, catching up with non-local friends, and meeting awesome people. Not a bad way to spend the weekend at all :)

Also, I just turned in this piece to Night Shade books for an upcomming Harry Turtledove novel which (I think) is called After the Downfall. It was probably the most fun I've had on a painting since this past spring. I mean, how often do you get the chance to paint a Nazi riding on a unicorn?:

Oil on board, 16x24, after Jacques-Louis David's Napoleon Bonaparte Crossing the Alps


Unknown said...

I feel like the only appropriate way to respond to this painting is with this:

Unknown said...

Dude! That ink drawing is beautifabulous! I see the Toppi influence is strong in this one...and I must give thanks for getting me into Toppi. I've been loving those 2 books I got at the SDCC and he's really influenced my way of thinking.

Do you have alot of ink drawings like these? I wanna see em.

David Palumbo said...

sadly, I don't often sit down and just fool about with the inks these days. It's one of those things that I ought to make more time for though.

Unknown said...

Man I love this! Nazi on a unicorn AND modeled after the David painting, which I love. It's great.

Anonymous said...