Thursday, December 13, 2007

Life drawings

So I finally got myself back to doing some life drawing last week. Unfortunately the sessions end this week for winter break so I'll be looking for alternatives until February (Dr. Sketchy's is on my list though, and I ought to finally get to investigating the Alumni Association life drawing sessions at PAFA, plus I hear they have a student group that I might be able to sneak in to). Anyhow, a few drawings from the two sessions I managed to catch. I'll be back soon with some paintings, right now everything is either in progress or top secret...


Francis Vallejo said...

great work on here, always mad respect for oils!
happy holidays

Julien alday said...

Bonne Année & Bonne Santé, Dave !
Meeting you was a highlight of that past year. You are a talent and a gentleman. May 2008 bring you all what you need. Cheers, amigo.
P.S: Keep me aware if you come to France by any chance.;)