Monday, July 21, 2008

Eight of Swords

First off, for those attending San Diego Comic Con this year, I've got my official table number assigned. I'll be in Artists Alley at GG-19 with original paintings, selected prints, and copies of the nudie pin-up books for sale. Come by and say hello!

And also, a new Tarot Card for Heavy Metal going up today: The Eight of Swords, 12x18, oil on board


Ray Lederer said...

Great blog:) Man I didn't even know you had one but it looks like you've been at it for quite a while. Great stuff! I love this Tarot series you're working on. Is this for fun or a set to be published?

marcellusb. said...

I was at an local comic book store and saw the Heavy Metal magazine, took a look in it.Bam. Saw the tarot cards in the book. Wonder work man.

lillimorgaine said...

this is gorgeous! i keep coming back to look at it. i guess i'll have to go get the magazine!