Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Still more girls ;)

Some recent postcards and related work:








Ben Newman said...

these are some of the best yet. really like the second and third ones. the implied rudeness in the third one is cool!

Nathan Andrew said...

Lovely! <3 and did I mentioned how cute your g/f is? did I? did I? ...did I!?

Unknown said...

Your oils are amazing! I follow you at CA too. I've started to paint with oils. Do you have any advice for autolearning? I can't waste the money with teacher's so I have to be selfsufficient.
See you great artist!!

David Palumbo said...

Thanks guys!

J.R. - it's a tough question, because I feel like the bulk of actual learning is through practice and independent study, but it is very helpful to have somebody occasionally pointing you in the right directions. Getting crits online at CA is very helpful too, but not quite the same as formal instruction.

If you're able to spare a little each week for life drawing, that's a terrific habit to get in. Sessions prices vary but it's definitely worthwhile.

Other than that, there are some great books for learning at home. The Andrew Loomis books and Bridgeman's Anatomy are wonderful for drawing and figure study. Bridgeman's is even available free online from Google. As far as instructional painting texts, Alla Prima by Richard Schimd is second to none. It's a chunk of change at $80 for the most recent printing, but it is so sooo worth it.