Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just sharing some good news :)

Two pieces of new today. First is that a slightly less nude version of These Things Really Work will be the cover for a single from the upcoming Meat Loaf album for the song Los Angeloser :)

And the second piece of news is that I've just received my confirmation from Spectrum for volume 17 and the pieces selected were Living Dead 2 and The Scavenger. It's to be my fourth year in the book and every time it's been such an honor to be included. I feel like the quality just gets better and better, can't wait to see number 17 all laid out :D

Next post will have more art, promise ;)


CGriffin said...

Excellent! Time to go out a buy a lottery ticket too; the planets are in alignment for ya! Not that 'talent' didn't play a role, but yanno....... ;)

Anonymous said...
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Günay Orbay said...

Good news indeed!