Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hope Summers

So I've been moving all the past week into a new house which also means a sweet new studio. Right now it's a pile of boxes, but in time... more on that later though. The reason I'm posting is because, in the process of sorting and properly storing some old paintings, I came across this little piece. Though I can't remember exactly when it was done, I want to say about a year or so ago. It wasn't for any specific project, just that I had some me time and felt like doing some simple X-Men portraits and decided to kick it off with a relatively newer character: Hope Summers. I seem to remember having started a Wolverine as a follow-up before a wave of new deadlines and convention season hit me with the one-two and, in the end, this was the only one I actually finished. Why I didn't show it at the time I don't really know other that I probably meant to and just forgot. Which reminds me, I have some other pieces waiting to go online. Maybe once I get my SDCC prep finished.

Anyhow, it's pretty simple and straight forward, but I like it. Maybe once things calm down a bit I can get back into these. I've always wanted to do a proper Nightcrawler...

11x17, oil on illustration board


ces said...

Don't know anything about X-Men, but I like this! Especially the blue colour of the background.

What are your SDCC plans this year?

And don't forget to post photos of your new studio!

D Palumbo said...

Showing again this year with Daren Bader, are you going? I'll definitely post some studio shots once I have it a little more livable. I feel like i'm in a house of cardboard box furniture at the moment. Planning a move within a month of san diego was not the best decision i've ever made ;)

Amatheya said...

Rally like this :)

You should definately do a nightcrawler one, I'd love to see that! :)