Monday, August 1, 2011

The Lone Ranger and Tonto

This was a cover illustration that I did some months back and never posted. I brought the original out to San Diego and it got a HUGE response. I didn't even know about the upcoming movie until a week or so ago. Yes, yes, prints will be available soon ;)

edit: prints now available:

oil on illustration board, 14x21


Jon McConnell said...

Freaking awesome!

Bowlin said...

That's just awesome! How did you find the guns and props?

David Palumbo said...

Thanks guys!

For the guns and props, it was kind of cobbled together from things I've collected in the ol' prop closet and then informed by internet research. The pistol is a replica I've had for years and years (bought it on a trip through AZ as a teenager just because I thought it was cool). The rifle was referenced from a toy rifle and then I found photos of the Winchester 1866 which seemed an appropriate choice for the time period specified. Costuming was all improvised and adjusted (the hat was extrapolated from a 40's fedora, Tonto's shirt was extrapolated from a cheesy souvenir shirt I got in Mexico, etc.) or just invented in the drawing stage. Fun piece to work on

Michael Oxley said...

Hey David!

I love this piece! Your brushstrokes are controlled chaos and it's marvelous.

One note on the gun. It's probably a Colt 1860 army which was used as an officer's sidearm during the Civil War. Many former officers kept their guns after the war and perhaps that's how the Lone Ranger in your picture got it.

Since the Ranger was set in 1874 I would expect a Schofield or a Colt with a metal cartridge rather than the black powder/round ball 1860 that you've painted here. I just can't picture the Lone Ranger taking time out to load six black powder and lead balls...

All that means very little because you've painted a fantastic piece and I absolutely love it!