Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Some new (well, newly released) Magic pieces to share today! Though the shock land was likely to be the most popular of the pieces (for card mechanic/playability reasons, not necessarily art related), I think that little guy on the end stole the show. Actually, I feel there isn't much higher a compliment that a Magic artist can be payed than to have their art used on a particularly weak card and yet have people still enjoy it. I don't know who invented the name "Fblthp", but well done.

"Stomping Ground", oil on illustration board, 11x15

"Deathcult Rogue", oil on illustration board, 11x15

"Serene Remembrance", oil/digital, 11x15

"Totally Lost", oil on illustration board, 11x15


Dave Kapah said...

those are amazing
love the little fellow in "Totally Lost"

John VanHouten said...

These are gorgeous. They don't look like oil paintings at all. I don't know how you do it but great job haha.

Do you scan your paintings or photograph them?

David Palumbo said...

thanks, I photograph 99% of the time

Unknown said...

I use the magic card of this illustration as a bookmark for my most challenging reads. Somehow it makes topics simpler.

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