Thursday, October 21, 2010

God's War and Haven

Nice to be finishing up a book cover, it feels like it's been awhile (though only a month or so I guess). Mostly I've been crazy busy getting my November show at Artists House together (more on that in a week or so), but here's a brand new cover for Night Shade Books. Also, I forgot to post the final cover in the Sasha series for Pyr, so here's that too ;)

God's War, 18x27, oil on Illustration Board

Haven, 18x24, oil on illustration board


ces said...

Is the sasha cover "Traccato?"

David Palumbo said...

That was book 3, Haven is the final book. Book 2 was Petrodor and book 1 was just called Sasha (but I went with the subtitle "Blood and Steel", feb. 09)

Unknown said...

So, are you sick of painting squares now? Haha.

ces said...

Thank you Dave! I just ordered both books, Pyr versions of course!