Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10 of Swords

A new Tarot card here, the dreaded 10 of Swords. Symbolic of ruin, pain, disaster. Despite that, it was fun ;)

10x15, oil on illustration board


Also, NY comic con is this weekend, come by and visit me and Scott Altmann at booth 528, near to Artists Alley and the autograph area!


Rochelle said...

Wow this is fabulous! I read Tarot (well, try to!), if you illustrated the entire deck I would so buy them!

Great work!

D Palumbo said...

thanks Rochelle! I'm one of four artists contributing to this deck and we're almost done with the art. I'm not sure what the release is set for, but I'm guessing maybe late 2011? I'll certainly be posting about it once I know ;)

Oliver said...

Really nice painting. Definitely one of my favorite pieces of yours. Solid job.

Zhang Jingna said...

I really really love this one!! <3

Eartha Stone said...

Not a card you just love to show up in your readings, but this is a stunning work of art.