Tuesday, January 17, 2012

10 of Staves

Finally getting back to finishing the Tarot series, working with the more painterly style

18x24, oil on wood panel


Anonymous said...

This is really so well done. Your art is such a pleasure to view!

REAU said...

Love the painterly style of this one. It looks great!

Lucas Graciano said...

Loving the new looser style you're doing! Those Link paintings rock!

T. B. Wright said...

These pieces are amazing as always, David. Especially the Link paintings. I was wondering, what kind of panel do you use and how do you prep it usually?

David Palumbo said...

thanks everyone, I'm having a blast with these. more to come!

T.B. - So far I've been using Art Boards brand maple panels and Utrecht brand basswood panels. There fairly pricey and you have to special order custom sizes though, so I'm likely going to pick up some hardwood ply from Home Depot. To prep them, I give them two heavy coats of gesso with a large palette knife

robi pena said...

Amazing works David!!

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